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Terms and Conditions

Acceptance procedure

*  Please read over the terms and conditions carefully and review the job descriptions and measurements.

*    If you are satisfy with the quotation price and would like Alpha Steel P/L to undertake the work please contact our office for     confirmation and deposit payment. Similarity, you can send a cheque payable to Alpha Steel P/L along with your signed declaration form.  Payment method includes; cheques, cash in person or credit card.

*   Alpha Steel personals will notify clients upon receipt of deposit, arrange for a second consultation to confirm measurements and job requirements (if required) and to provide an estimated completion date. Please ensure that you address any changes or concerns at this point as it may affect the final price or delay completion date.

*  If you are experiencing difficulties or have concerns about your fencing requirement, please contact your local council for a brochure on your rights and obligations.

* We encourage that our customers are present on the day of installation as unforeseeable situation may arise and alternative method of installation may become necessary.

*  Colorbond fence panels have a 10 year warranty on rusting and power coating. Condition apply. visit

*  Alpha Steel P/L provide a 12 month warranty on workmanship and installation and up to 3 year warranty on Powder coating. Condition apply. visit




1. Quotation provided is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Quotation price is strictly dependant on specified requirements and its measurements. Please ensure that special requirements are noted down and that it is included in the final price. It is the customers' responsibility to review the quote and notify ALPHA STEEL P/L or its sale representatives of any error or concerns.

2. A 50% deposit is required upon confirmation and full payment upon completion.  If final payment is not paid upon satisfactory completion a $30 accounting fee + GST will be charged unless prior arrangements are made. The owner will indemnify Alpha Steel Alpha Steel P/L against, and agree to re-reimburse it for any expenses it may incur in recovering or attempting to recover payment from the owner of the amounts overdue. Alternative arrangement for deposit/final payment will only be offered to special circumstances.

3. Acceptances by both  the Client and all adjoining neighbors to the eFencing Worksf are required in writing, or one client accepting the gFull Costh of the Contract, with the deposit before commencement of the work.

4. It is the clientfs responsibility to advise Alpha Steel (The contractor) the location of any underground service., including electrical and  telephone cables, gas, water, storm water and sewerage pipes and any other service which may be affected by construction and the owner shall indemnify Alpha Steel and its contractors against any claims or demands made by any person or authority in respect of any damage.

5. Any permits required are the responsibility of the client and must be given to Alpha Steel before work commences. Alpha Steel P/L will coordinate work according to the customerfs instruction and hence accepts no legal responsibilities for incorrect boundaries, height etc as a result of these instructions. Clients are to provide all survey pegs and markings to ensure that they are in the correct locations before the commencement of works.

6. Alpha Steel P/L shall have the right of access to clientfs property at all times during construction and until account is paid for in full without having trespass action taken against contractor.

8. The baseline of all fencing shall be at the contractorfs discretion. Gaps may appear under the bottom of the fence due to the undulation of the land. It is not our responsibility to fill these gaps, but filling can be arranged at an additional cost.

9. The client must ensure that fence work is not disturbed for at least 24 hours after completion.

10. All materials will remain the property of ALPHA STEEL until full payment is received.

11. If an order is cancelled after the confirmation date, the deposit amount may be forfeited.

12. All dates and time is an estimate. Completion schedules are dependent on the availability of material, clear fence line etc.

13. All clerical errors in prices are subject to correction by Alpha Steel P/L.

14. ALPHA STEEL P/L shall only response or commit to changes when possible with the primary client/s whom name appears on the agreement. A delegate with written consent may be appointed to supervise the work. All approved changes must be in writing and may incur a fee.

15. Quotation price provided is base on individual job. Deposit received by Alpha Steel signify an acceptance of the quotation price and the eJob Layoutf.

16. Client/s must assist and provide Alpha Steel personals with accurate information and must not withheld any knowledge or concerns  in relation to all fence work. Alpha Steel P/L personals will endeavor to provide detail description on the work procedure and any potential problems identify during consultation.  Any impediments uncovered during the fence work may incur additional cost and delay completion date.

17. Please note that soil uncovered by the fence work will not be removed from site unless specified in the quotation.




Installation and manufacturing warranty

Alpha Steel P\L provides steel fencing free of manufacturing defects of rust and colour fade for 36 months and provide a 12 month warranty on all installation (condition apply).

Terms and Conditions

  • Any galvanize steel fencing within 1000m or hot dipped galvanized products within 200m of a marine location will not be covered by the warranty. This warranties are also limited to residential properties up to 3 floors from the ground

  • Warranty apply to products of Alpha Steel P/L only, fittings and scroll work selected by clients that are provided by other manufacture will can not be covered.

  • Proof of purchase must be presented before any claims.

  • Installation warranty only applies to products installed by a member of the Alpha Steel team.

  • Warranties shall not apply if the failure results from abnormal influences including but not limited to bi-metallic corrosion, falling objects, explosion, fire, terrorism or excessive temperatures in excess of 50 degree.

  • The powder coated metal must be cleaned and maintained according to the procedure outlined below at least every six months. Warrantee will be rendered void where cleaning is not conducted correctly.

                        To clean powder coated surfaces:

              1. Carefully remove any loose deposits with a wet sponge

              2. Use a soft brush or cloth with mild household detergent solution to remove dust and other deposits

              3. Rinse off with clean fresh water

 Special note: Do not use detergents that recommend wearing gloves for its application as this is a good indication that the detergent is harsh and therefore unsuitable for cleaning the powder coated surfaces. For full detail on maintaining good powder coating visiting or call 132499.

  • This warranty will only apply to fences and gates installed by Alpha Steel P/L on or after the 1st of August 2008

  •  Alpha Steel P/L will have absolute discretion over repairing or replacing defectives goods.




Thank you for enquiring with ALPHA STEEL for all your fencing needs.